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Technology and Positioning

Built heavily on “Solution” thinking, the International culture of our roots, personal natural lifestyles of our leaders reflect in all our products. The motto of PANLYS is based on life in harmony with nature and sustainable solutions; it focuses on longevity, reduced maintenance and competitive operating cost, as reflected in AEROLYZ technology.

What makes it special is that the device does not filter or deactivate airborne pathogens, but oxidises those, without any heat or temperature variation. AEROLYZ sterilises air to Log6 level sterility. AEROLYZ is a solution to both the viral epidemic that grapples with the world today and any future uncertainty. It also removes all odour and organic matter (including VOCs) from the air.

With the least intrusive design and ethical manufacturing practices, AEROLYZ is a 24×7 power engine with easy-to-replace parts and a service network across the market to ensure reliable safety for you and your communities.

How our technology works?

The air in your business space is continuously circulated through a catalytic reaction chamber where photocatalysis destroys all the microorganisms such as virus, bacteria, mould, fungus and odour in a fraction of seconds. AEROLYZ is equipped with a unique and cutting edge photocatalysis technology LECO (Low Energy Cascade Oxidation) which has no harmful radiation or by-product, has hassle-free maintenance and a very long life.

All you have to do is switch on AEROLYZ before crowd flocks in the space to sterilize the area and eliminate VOCs, odour, fungi and viruses. It is operated 24×7.