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Ozone is a natural and man-made gas made up of three oxygen atoms.There are 2 types of ozone


  1. Natural ozone (Good ozone) – Formed in Earth’s upper atmosphere – Stratosphere
  2. Man-made ozone (Bad ozone) – Formed at ground level i.e. Earth – Troposphere

Natural Ozone – Stratosphere The natural ozone formed in Earth’s upper atmosphere (Stratosphere) is safe and it protects the earth from

Man- made ozone – Troposphere

Man-made ozone or ground level ozone. This ozone is formed by chemical reactions between nitrogen dioxide and Volatile Organic Compounds in the presence of sunlight.

These chemicals are emitted from cars, aircraft, air ionizer, factories and other sources causing a hole in the ozone layer protection. This hole in the ozone opens a door for harmful UV rays to enter on the earth and can cause skin cancer, cataracts, asthma attacks and other adverse health issues.

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