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Our Team

The Story of Humble Beginnings.

Back in 2015, the world was going through various turmoil from drought, swine flu, dengue and earthquake. All of which twisted the very fabric of human society. It got the Founder Dr Syriac Palackal into thinking, after years of working with various petrochemical giants how can he give back to the society he grew up in.

After 30years of International Corporate adventures, he desired to bring a change in his home country, he said, “most corporates lack nature consciousness and the time is ripe for environmental revival.”

Along the journey, he had to face turmoil from breach of trust to corporate espionage that led to re-orienting everything and start over again. So, this time he decided to start with a trustworthy team. That’s when Dr Syriac Palackal joined hands with K.C Sanjeev & Suraj Sanjeev (15 years of friendship & trust) for developing, manufacturing and marketing globally patented innovative technologies in Biosecurity.

The Founder & Co-founder joined together with a vision to solve human challenges for the present and future generation and with a focus to bring a positive transformation in the lives of people, society and nation.

Dr.rer.nat Syriac Joseph Palackal

(Founder & Chief Technology Officer)

Suraj Sanjeev


Kishore Kumar

(Head of Quality & Manufacturing)