How AEROLYZ Air Steriliser differ from other Air Purifiers?

May 6, 2021 / by admin

Lenovo Chairman & CEO Yuanqing Yang said, “The time when a new normal is being shaped is often the time when innovation will flourish.”

AEROLYZ Air Steriliser is our innovative device that kills or oxidises pathogens such as virus, bacteria, fungi and removes dust, pollen and VOC’s in a single pass focused on High Mobility High Density (HMHD) segment whereas an air purifier removes contaminants from air in a room through filters only to some extent.

What is HMHD?

Indoor establishments with a high volume of human transactions such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, cinemas and offices are called HMHD segment.

Let’s see the difference between Air Purifier and AEROLYZ Air Steriliser



  1. Saves Electricity & Money
  2. Germ-Free, Ozone-Free, Emission-Free, and UV-Free Technology
  3. Fastest Kill Rate -99.9999%
  4. Patented German Technology
  5. 24 x 7 operations
  6. Assures your customer with safety & protection
  7. Intrinsically safe


Is AEROLYZ Air Steriliser safe for Human Health?

The technology behind AEROLYZ is a unique patented photocatalytic technology known as Low Energy Cascade Oxidation (LECO). In this technology, we use harmless visible light which doesn’t emit any by-products. It kills all the micro-organisms and also Deodorises the air thus protecting you and your community from health issues. Breathe Safe Indoor Air.

AEROLYZ Air Steriliser is all in one solution. It filters, purifies, sterilise and Deodorises the Air for complete community safety and protection.

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