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Frequently Asked Questions

Air Purifier can efficiently filter out particles up to .3 microns, but the airborne pathogens are small as .02 microns (it is to the size of a grain of sand compared to a stone) hence it fails to remove particles of that size distribution from the indoor air environment. On the other hand, AEROLYZ Air Steriliser instead of filtering it completely oxidizes the pathogens of all size distribution delivering a better indoor air environment.

AEROLYZ utilizes visible light to Oxidise all pathogens in just 0.16 seconds of Log 6 kill rate (99.9999%) in a single pass with minimal consumption of energy. It doesn’t release any toxic by-products while running the device, indicating its “Eco-Friendly”.

It is the time by air to pass through the device and achieve complete sterilization.

AEROLYZ is designed by patented technology, LECO (Low Energy Cascade Oxidation). On exposure to the visible light the Nano coated titanium, splits the water molecules in the air to hydroxyl radical which is highly reactive (2nd strongest reactive species) and extremely short lived (in microseconds) and will be developed only on the catalyst surface ensuring safety of the user which in turn reacts with any organic compound and vaporises it. Since the complete reaction takes place inside the catalytic chamber, unlike other technologies this is by far the safest. 

AEROLYZ Air Steriliser Oxidise all kinds of pathogens present in air such as Virus, Bacteria & Fungus up to a 100%. but it not only stops there, it also deodorises the entire space and also removes all sorts of VOC’s and dust larger than 2 microns present in the indoor environment.

When pathogens settle on the surface there are two possibilities. Either they get aerosolised in the right conditions or they will adhere to the surface. The former will be taken care by the LECO technology and the latter by conventional surface disinfection methodologies.

It is 100% Environment Friendly completely free from any kinds of toxic gas released in the environment. On complete oxidation the only by-products are trace amounts of water molecules and CO2.

The device is set up with a unique silent blower, hence dramatically reducing the noise level restricting it below 55 dB.

We provide with a re-usable type filter, hence doesn’t require constant replacement leaving less carbon footprint.

An electronic pressure sensor is set in the device to monitor the saturation of the filter and is indicated by different light signals. If its green, then the device is running smoothly. Once the orange light is lit, it indicates the filter is required to be cleaned. Usually it is advised to be cleaned in 3 months’ time period or when the orange light is lit.

It is strictly advisable to vacuum clean the filter and not to wash it. Washing it may damage the fibers and reduce the filtering efficiency.

2-meter cable length is provided to the device.

Your warranty period is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

The device should be placed in an obstruction free area to ensure optimum airflow and air sterilisation. 

AEROLYZ complies to IEC standards hence it’s completely safe to use in all indoor environment. It is Lighting safe, Fire safe and Child safe too (i.e., it’s absolutely safe to touch the device even when it is running).

Spares can be bought on our website and online. 

AEROLYZ is a simple plug and play device hence doesn’t require any specific training to operate it. 

AEROLYZ is designed in such a way that it consumes low energy to run the device for 24/7 without heat transfer.  

Along with the robust built and extraordinary service team, AEROLYZ is provided with 10 years’ life span if regular maintenance is done.