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We envision creating a secure environment free from biological threats for the present and future generations through sustainable solutions in Biosecurity.


We pioneer to provide clean air and water for communities through technological innovations.

Our Journey

With a vision to provide green solutions for industries with respect to recycling of water and hazardous waste, industrial odour control, and specialised process enhancements in the chemical industry PanLys Environmental Solutions came into life in 2015. From the beginning, the company had a history of international associations resulting in ground-breaking technology implementations. The elegance of this technology is portrayed through its simplicity and addresses the root cause.

Since 2016, there has been a multitude of tangible cues edging the world towards a pandemic, both natural and manmade. Along with many brilliant minds of our time like Bill Gates the man behind Microsoft, Dennis Carroll chair of Global Virome Project Leadership Board and a plethora of sociologist and scientists, Dr. Syriac Joseph Palackal too believed such a catastrophe plausible in the near future. This forced the founder to re-evaluate the company’s orientation and in 2019 the company was poised to deliver green Biosecurity solutions with a focus on community protection.

PANLYS is derived from the Greek word PAN LYSI meaning “Complete Solution.” We focus on designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing globally patented innovative technologies in Biosecurity.
Our Technology Partner, PALCO Consultants, Germany, is a research house with over 150 patents to its credit and decades of experience in the World of Catalysts. PALCO specializes in SAFE, Toxin Free and Emission Free solutions which are sustainable.